[Noisebridge-discuss] Running Windows 8 on a Pentium 4 dual core computer

pdbogen at cernu.us pdbogen at cernu.us
Wed Feb 19 18:06:30 UTC 2014

Depends what you mean by "work." You may not be able to cram enough RAM into a 
Pentium 4 system to satisfy Windows 8. If you can, it'll likely be just on the 
threshold of "able to run at all."

You'll have similar problems with hardware-accelerated graphics. Pentium 4 
also isn't 64-bit, so make sure you have 32-bit Windows 8.

All that said, I don't really think it'll "work" in the sense of being a 
basically usable system; but TIAS.

- Patrick

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 09:48:08AM -0800, N wrote:
> Would it work?
> Nick
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