[Noisebridge-discuss] Messy Noisebridge. Especially Kitchen

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 17:22:52 UTC 2014

I'm here to teach JavaScript class, as usual, on Sunday morning.

The kitchen has been getting more and more disgusting. Today, bowl of
beans/soup, bread all over the place, some of it nibbled on by humans
and probably rats. I did notice a woman recently cooking in the
kitchen. It is not Cynthia, who also does more cleaning than cooking,
but was someone else.

Each person must take care of his or her own mess. Leave it cleaner
than you found it.

The mixed smell of pee, old food, and I don't know what permeates throughout.

The problem stems from general slobbery, unfortunately. Here are a few
proposed solutions:
1) A ticket system, either as an app or wiki page. When someone leaves
a mess out, issue a ticket to that person. Same for sleepers. The way
to get the ticket to go away is to perform 1hr's worth of cleaning
service, to be performed within 1 month, or be banned.
2) Hire cleaning service.
3) Do nothing.

A ticket system: pros/cons
PRO: Discourages people from being messy
PRO: If they are, makes them make up for it in a big way.
PRO: Encourages social/peer regulation. Not authoritarian.
CON: Requires creating a Wiki page or app. Wiki pages are editable.
CON: Might be uncomfortable to issue tickets.

Hire cleaning service.
PRO: It works.
CON: It does not address the cause of the problem.
CON: It unfairly benefits those who make messes.
CON: It costs money.

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