[Noisebridge-discuss] a safe space, what does it mean to you?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 26 02:27:02 UTC 2014

> > On Feb 25, 2014 6:09 PM, "Jake" <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
> > 
> > To be clear, i am saying that I feel that by making noisebridge safe 
> > for people who are obnoxious and combative, and who abuse the space, 
> > we make it unsafe for hacking and more and more hackers don't even 
> > have the energy to deal with it anymore.
> On Tue, 25 Feb 2014, Ronald Cotoni wrote:
> Exactly this.  Let's fix it.  It can be done if we sit down 
> and apply some logic and some ideas from other organizations.

I have already sat down and done everything i'm going to do.  I presented 
a system awhile ago by which nobody is allowed in noisebridge unless they 
are sponsored by a member, and that is in place now as far as i know.

That means that members should be asking people to leave unless they are 
members (formerly associate members) or unless they want to sponsor them 
at that time.  If you want to soften the blow of asking someone to leave, 
give them a short tour first and invite them to come back at a meeting or 
party when there are more people present who might want to sponsor them.

If people are not going to do that, noisebridge will continue to be 
inhabited by obnoxious people looking for free housing in SF, whose only 
skill is being more persistant, agressive, and shameless than the people 
whose task it is to keep the space safe for productive hacking activities.

I am calling out the people who have the power to make things better, and 
are instead sitting on their hands or worse, obstructing others who want 
to make the space a better place by kicking out people who don't belong.


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