[Noisebridge-discuss] "Banning" discussion tonight

Jim Gleason jim at opiate.org
Wed Feb 26 03:22:20 UTC 2014


Perhaps, instead of constantly reacting to these kind of issues, by delving into the minutia of who harassed who and what degree that harassment reached, one might want to consider a step back for a moment and truly examine  whether your ideas actually fit with the concept of what you believe Noisebridge is all about. After that's squared away you need to take a look at what other people believe Noisebridge is all about.

Perhaps you will find that what you thought was what you wanted really doesn't fit in with what the majority of the other members and the community at large want (and continue to shape and mold into a physical  representation of those thoughts and beliefs).

 there is neither shame or blame should you find that your ideas just really don't fit. Shit happens, and just because your wants and beliefs no longer seem to fit doesn't make you, or noisebridge evil, bad, wrong, or right.....it simply means that its not the right fit. And perhaps you should stop trying to jam a round peg through a square hole.


Charles Tang <cjtang1 at asu.edu> wrote:

But, goodness is fragile. Moreover, exclusion is not the answer for our problems. Inquisitions to rid ourselves of alternatives forecloses opportunity for us all.

And movements fail. . . .

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