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	Dearest Noisebridgers: 
	Who are we, each of us, and together, through which we share our
common Noisebridger identities?  

	There can be only one answer, sensibly speaking that is, to this
question. This is the Excellence Question. 
	Note the signage at the entrance to Noisebridge which reads,
“DO-OCRACY If you want something done DO IT but remember to be
excellent to each other when doing so”. 
	This motto for Noisebridge strikes the heart of human potential, and
conflict. Yet, some visit Noisebridge from across the world, such as
exemplified by the group of French Students last night. And these,
were impressed openly with our space. We, your purely volunteer chefs,
enjoyed their feedback because food is always a natural attractant, a
center of interest between conflict and diversity in human affairs, if
you would see it at all like this Noisebridgers! Our kitchen, occupied
by a several course meal-in-progress at that time for BOTH vegetarians
AND non-vegetarians (meat-eaters) alike, housed the interests and
photos, of these very interested persons. See, excellence is exclusive
only to the inclusivity of excellence.  
	Yet, how can anyone honestly claim excellence with malice at heart? 
	We are no philosophers, nor professional chefs for this matter. We
care about community. If we would not serve you, we would serve
whomever welcomed us and we could see progress moving itself by our
served community effort gaining towards excellence; Noisebridge
fosters and ideal motto and space for our experiment. 

	We hear through the “grapevine” of internal strife and conflict
such as who likes and dislikes whom and so on. It is hard work to
prepare a nightly meal for free however. And dishes do get washed! If
this were not the case, people could not eat here at all! We wish to
congratulate each one that does a fair share. All of us: Please show
each other this!  

	Today, we all hear so much about divisive tactics separating people,
as if, the cost of living in this world class city would not speak for
itself on this comment! Please, say a kind word to each other in
support of the Noisebridge motto outside of personal attractions and
diversions. Try something delicious and soothing to your hearts and
tummies first before you speak. We love it when there is enough
caffeine, dish soap, and thank yous to go around for everyone! So
thank you. We see your love and care. Can there be enough to go
around? This is the heart of the Excellence Question. 
	Your Grateful Participants in the Shared Karmic Kindness Project at
Noisebridge and Until We Meet Again, 

	Tazma and Frederic 

	Your collective ideas and contributions are vital. This is Our Space
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