[Noisebridge-discuss] STM32F4 Discovery ($15 ARM dev board)

Jonathan Toomim jtoomim at jtoomim.org
Wed Feb 26 06:44:50 UTC 2014

I just thought I’d give a quick plug for an ARM development kit that I’ve been working with for the last 10 days and have been happy with.


Cost is about $15. The board’s MCU is a 180 MHz ARM CortexM4 processor with 192 KiB of SRAM, 1 MiB flash, three 12-bit 2.4 Msps ADCs, two 12-bit DACs, USB OTG, and other goodies. The board comes with a ST-LINK USB programming/debugging interface built onto the board. The board also contains a 3-axis accelerometer, a microphone, an audio DAC and headphone jack, and a few other goodies.

There’s also a $60 version that comes with a 2.4” QVGA LCD screen an 64Mbit of SDRAM and a gyro:


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