[Noisebridge-discuss] "Banning" discussion tonight

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Feb 26 12:48:09 UTC 2014

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 14:08:17 Mitch Altman wrote:
> Unfortunately I won't be able to be at tonight's meeting.  But I want to
> encourage discussion of "Banning".
> It is important to get rid of people who melt use, rather contribute to the
> culture of Noisebridge and is mission and vision.  It is also important to
> ban people who are disruptive, make many people uncomfortable, or are
> violent or hateful.
> It is also important to not use banning as a means of getting rid of someone
> because you don't like them, or because you have a misunderstanding or
> argument.
> Banning is a drastic measure, and (unless for violent or hateful or illegal
> behavior) should only be done when other means have been exhausted.
> These concepts need to be discussed and explored.
> A specific case came to my attention recently.  Lee Sony was apparently
> banned without him being allowed to present his position.  He will be at
> tonight's meeting.  I hope people will listen and respond.  I feel this is
> important.
> Best,
> Mitch.

This is a terribly lengthy thread so I'm not in a mood to read it all.

Has anyone considered implementing a kind of Community Working Group to 
provide professional training to a small committee of individuals who are 
given the power to advise the board or council on permanently removing 

SYNHAK is also experiencing some terrible butting of heads that is killing our 
vibe. Some members are terrified of proposing project ideas or trying to work 
on collaboration for fear of being torn down and stamped out.

I'm working on a draft for our bylaws that is based off of the KDE CWG:


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