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Drew Smith drew at riotnrrd.com
Wed Feb 26 21:51:29 UTC 2014

Here's a stupid idea I had:

How about at each meeting, at the counting of attendees, all names of those
in attendance go into a hat (ideally software). The total number of
attendees is the variable N.

One name is picked from the hat. That person is now special, and their
votes on concensus items count for N/2 votes, rounded down.

Concensus is declared when there are N votes for a concensus item.

A functional example; say there are 22 people at the meeting. Dave's name
is drawn at random, so he is worth 11 votes. He does not have enough power
to push through something by himself, but he does have the power to
override some blockers. A vote to ban someone comes up, and without Dave's
vote the tally is 18 votes for the ban and 3 votes against - Dave's vote is
worth 11 votes, and he votes for the ban, so the final outcome is 29 votes
for, 3 against, with concensus declared at 22 votes.

Thoughts? What about if the special person received N/3 votes? Some other

- Drew.

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