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That's a democracy not consensus.  Any 1 member can block but that might
work.  Either way requires us to be more vigilant and present in the space.
On Feb 26, 2014 1:51 PM, "Drew Smith" <drew at riotnrrd.com> wrote:

> Here's a stupid idea I had:
> How about at each meeting, at the counting of attendees, all names of
> those in attendance go into a hat (ideally software). The total number of
> attendees is the variable N.
> One name is picked from the hat. That person is now special, and their
> votes on concensus items count for N/2 votes, rounded down.
> Concensus is declared when there are N votes for a concensus item.
> A functional example; say there are 22 people at the meeting. Dave's name
> is drawn at random, so he is worth 11 votes. He does not have enough power
> to push through something by himself, but he does have the power to
> override some blockers. A vote to ban someone comes up, and without Dave's
> vote the tally is 18 votes for the ban and 3 votes against - Dave's vote is
> worth 11 votes, and he votes for the ban, so the final outcome is 29 votes
> for, 3 against, with concensus declared at 22 votes.
> Thoughts? What about if the special person received N/3 votes? Some other
> number?
> Cheers,
> - Drew.
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