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It should be noted the person who was finally kicked out when the
police were called was one of the 3 people who was up for ban
regarding the selling and usage of drugs in the space along with the
storing of stolen goods in lockers overnight without paying for the

Gregory mabye you and Robin can justify why you defended these people
though you were clearly notified of this and why you did not respect
the asked to leave and come back to a Tuesday meeting which was made
by me and other members in the community over the last 3 weeks.

Please also clearify to the community that out of an entire room full
of people who refuse to defend Robin and are hoping for his ban he
says that you are the only one who will defend him and that you are
not there. Also why would you not show up when you are the one who
asked Flamsmark to ask me to leave and not come back till a Tuesday
I am sure the community would love to hear you reply to all of these
coincidences, don't you user Gregorydillion?
Nothing i am saying here is anything but a fact and can and has been
verified, people will be able to find all they need on your 
surveillance gossip blog which i am sure with be an amusing read, i
don't want you're talent to go to waste, you deserve all the spotlight
you can get. 
Rest assured i will relentlessly promote your blog because it holds
the key to understanding the truth about what really has been going on
in the space and how its all linked back to you and robin who just by
coincidence happen to be the best of friend.

p.s. i fly jeb blue 6 times a year between the 2 most expensive cities
in the united states, please don't spread poverty based rumors about
me, my lifestyle choices and expression of my philosophy though my
life decisions. It has nothing to do with you or the community. I
suggest you find a hobby which is more productive if not for yourself
for the sake of the community. 

Many people are awaiting you reply, both on this blog and in person, i
know with your CONfidence and with your best friend being a self
proclaimed professional ARTIST and all that wont be a problem.

I leave to Manhattan on the 1st and am really bummed out that i wont
be able to hear what truth you both come up with next.

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