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Dean Mao dean.mao at hackerdojo.com
Wed Jan 8 06:48:45 UTC 2014

So as others have noted, it was discussed before.  For example, Al
mentioned it here back in July 2011:
>From that discussion it seemed like most people were in favor for it.
 Hacker Dojo does have non-hacking squatters.  In fact, I emailed Danny
O'Brien for his advice a year ago.  We've also arrested a few individuals
who went overboard and started stealing stuff.  There's probably 10
"no-sleeping" signs all over the Hacker Dojo because we've had so much
problems with it.  There are still a few people who currently "live" at the
Dojo but we haven't gotten around to dealing with it yet.  These people
don't use the lockers because they can't -- you need to be a member in
order to reserve a locker.  Being a member is too expensive for some of
these transients.

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 10:35 PM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:

>  On 1/7/2014 10:00:33 PM, "Dean Mao" <dean.mao at hackerdojo.com> wrote:
> What's wrong with experimentation?
> Nothing, but when it costs $500, then it should be done carefully, thought
> through thorougly, and be done with plenty of discussion and community
> support. The way Al did this, with only one mention on this list a couple
> of days before the purchase, i consider that impulsive at best.
> It worked very well here at the Hacker Dojo,
> perhaps Hacker Dojo has not been contending with a continual population of
> non-hacking squatters for the past 3 years? Perhaps Hacker Dojo has not
> experienced boxes upon boxes of people's entire life's belongings piled up
> under the electronics workbench? Perhaps Hacker Dojo has not repeatedly had
> people shooting up in the bathroom? Perhaps Hacker Dojo is not in the
> middle of skid row? Perhaps Hacker Dojo is not Noisebridge?
> I guess you guys at NB will have difficulties implementing any idea
> because there will always be someone who is against the idea.
> I support and execute new ideas at Noisebridge all the time. I'm not a
> professional blocker. I'm not against ALL ideas, just unwise ones.

Dean Mao
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