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Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu Jan 9 04:57:27 UTC 2014

Actually, people are encouraged to edit the wiki, and edit things back
if they have an update or feel they have better information. This
happens a lot, especially on the events page. It's how wikis get

Maestro, you can check the edit history to find out who might have
changed the wiki, and contact them directly. Better still, just edit
it back to the current information with a note. If you get into an
edit war, that's a good time to raise it elsewhere, like on this list.


On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 7:28 PM, maestro <maestro415 at gmail.com> wrote:
> leave the class meeting days and times alone.
> you are NOT in charge of the space.
> you know NOTHING about what is going on with the classes/meetups.
> if/when  something changes someone FROM the classes/meetups will
> change/update the wiki.
> if something changes next week, it's NEXT week, next month, it's NEXT month
> and on...
> rather than marking things defunct, how about YOU be defunct.
> wasn't tagged this YESTERDAY.
> HAPPY NEW YEAR to the rest of you excellent folks!!!
> message ends
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