[Noisebridge-discuss] The RSA Conference in February.

Norman Bradley pryankster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 21:35:07 UTC 2014

I have an extra Expo Pass available. The conference is February 25-27. 
So if you are interested AND WILL USE IT send me a private email at this 
address and I'll forward the code. My preference is to give it to 
someone that is interested in or working in computer security. To quote 
the registration packet:

"As an Explorer Expo Pass registrant, you will have full access to all 
activities in the Expo and all Sponsor and Association Track Sessions. 
In addition, you will have the option to purchase tickets for the 
Welcome Reception on Monday evening and/or the Codebreakers Bash on 
Thursday night."

In addition there are 4 half day sessions available on Monday the 24th.

You are entitled to your own opinion.
You are NOT entitled to your own facts.


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