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Will the Oculus be in control of the treadmill? Can we autosimulate aroma inside the VA Booth?

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It is collapsible.  It can be anywhere in the space.  I was planning on keeping it there until someone wants it gone. I would maintain it.   I am aware of the risks of leaving it at the space.   I would not be happy if it were broken or stolen but I am aware of that risk.  Yeah the green screen would have worked well with it but that was removed to make room for a window to Turing.  I was planning on bringing the Oculus Rift for use with it but that will not live at Noisebridge because it is too easy to walk away with.

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Sweet. The Omni-treadmill plus green screen could make for some great cinema. 

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Where, who maintains and for how long?  How easily moved if needed?

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March is fast approaching and with it a shiny new Omnidirectional treadmill.  I just want to make sure that I will be allowed to set this thing up at Noisebridge.  It is 48 inches in diameter. And I plan on building a small amount around it so lets say 1 meter squared is the amount of space I will need.  If I don't get any objections in this thread I will take that as an ok by the community at large.


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