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Look the chemicals you are using might not contain chemicals that are
harmful to the water supply but the paint used might be.  Do you know what
paint Eclair used?  Do you want to accept that risk on behalf of
noisebridge or would you rather pay someone else to accept that risk?  I
propose we actually find out how much it is to get it done professionally
by people who deal with this on a regular basis in SF.  They know the
rules.  They know how to comply with them and hopefully will deal with the
"waste" in an appropriate manner.  I rather not put noisebridge in a second
situation by doing it ourselves if there could be issues.  If you feel we
are capable, please come up with a way to ensure that the waste water
(Which could contain toxic materials since paint can be toxic) and how to
dispose of that.  Lets not make 1 problem into two.

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> >> No, I think its absolutely a speak-to-the-group appropriate thing to do
> >> when considering washing caustic toxic chemicals down into the drains
> that
> >> feed into the bay.  I very much appreciate you mentioning this concern,
> >> Ronald. Speak for YOURself spinach, you have no right to shut him down
> like
> >> that.
> >>
> >> "Anarchy!! DIY!! fuck the resulting problems!" is a bullshit mentality
> to
> >> apply to environmental protection concerns.
> > "speak for yourself" as in within our numbers we may well have someone
> > qualified to wash a sidewalk. it's better to ask around than to assume
> > everyone's got your same level or lack of a skill. don't make
> assumptions of
> > my politics.
> So how much public liability insurance do you suggest the person who
> can "wash a sidewalk" have?
> The point is this - you're now dealing with the city of san francisco.
> It's not about being "qualified to wash a sidewalk."
> -adrian
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