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On Jan 14, 2014 12:29 PM, "Ronald Cotoni" <setient at gmail.com> wrote:
> Because you clearly do not quite understand how the US legal system
works.  First, we are in a bit of a mess since Eclair painted the sidewalk.
 This is an offense that merits a fine.  If we wash it off and for whatever
reason the runoff contained some dangerous chemical (its paint of an
unknown type, which means we have no clue what is in it but it is better to
assume it is the most toxic of paint that exists), we could be held liable
for it running into the water supply.  Depending how toxic it is.  Chances
are we would prolly be fine but if we are not, you need insurance.  The
companies that do this on a regular basis have liability insurance for this
sort of thing.  So while it may cost is 300 for us to do it our selves
(throwing out a number), it could cost way more if something bad happens.
 I honestly don't know but you should think about this since while
Noisebridge is a unique hackerspace with a Docracy and such, that doesn't
necessarily apply to the rest of the planet.  If you would like, I will be
at the meeting tonight and we can discuss the real world vs noisebridge's
it's not a matter of my understanding things. here's a job lots of people
do, some of whom might come through nb, so it does some good (and zero
harm) to ask the community before looking outside. also, you can find out
what kind of paint it is -- it's right outside. or, you can just ask
eclaire what she used. this is only rocket science, y'all.
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