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I brought this exact issue up at the meeting.   I came up with an extremely
brief task list to figure out what needs to be done.  Before we do any of
this I believe we need to give the notice to the landlord since I think it
was addressed to them.

1.) Figure out if painting over it was enough for the city
2.) figure out the date we need to comply with it if it is not enough
3.) Research online the best way to remove paint from concrete
4.) see if using a wire brush and baking soda (maybe with a small amount of
water) works
5.) Determine if hiring an outside service is feasable and cheap (might be
as cheap as renting a pressure washer)
6.) tell the landlord we have resolved the issue

I am going to look online tomorrow for 1 and see about number 2.  Madeline
is having a cleanup on the 25th and suggested we do the cleanup on that

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> You should mail her youtube account
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