[Noisebridge-discuss] Streaming Noisebridge meetings [help needed]

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Wed Jan 15 17:50:47 UTC 2014

Last night, we agreed that Tuesday evening meetings should be streamed
in audio wherever possible, and that it's my job to make this happen.
Go me.

I think that we're going to need some physical hardware in the form of
a speakerphone. Please let me know how much you'd like to contribute
to this hardware purchase, so that I can guess an approximate budget,
and start working out what gear we can afford.

My first instinct is to try and build a smaller version of the W3C's
conference-calling system, based around a conference call bridge and a
robot named Zakim[1]. If you would like to help — or have suggestions
— please get in touch.


[1]: http://www.w3.org/2001/12/zakim-irc-bot

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