[Noisebridge-discuss] Board elections, annaul meeting

Tom Lowenthal secretary at noisebridge.net
Fri Jan 17 18:30:47 UTC 2014

People of Noisebridge, this is an announcement about clerical
administriva. Every detail is important, and I urge you to read the
whole of this message thoroughly.

# Announcements

Noisebridge's 2014 annual general members' meeting will be held at
1900h Pacific on 2014-03-04. We will meet in the Hackertorium at 2169
Mission Street. The meeting is scheduled to last 30 minutes.

The elections for Noisebridge's 2014 board will be by written, paper
ballot. We will use approval voting. Kevin Schiesser will serve as
returning officer. Polls open at 1900h Pacific on 2014-02-04. Polls
close at 1930h Pacific on 2014-03-04, a month later.

The ballots will be counted after the AGM. Even if the AGM runs late,
the polls will close at 1930h. Any interested election monitors will
have the opportunity to verify the results at that time. Kevin will
announce other specific arrangements and ways to contact him.

# Voters

The only people who can vote are Noisebridge consensus members who are
in good standing at the start of the election. Associate members are
not eligible to vote. If you are a member, you need to do two things
to ensure that you're in good standing:

1. Make sure that I have current and accurate contact information for
you (fill out the form in my previous email!).
2. Make sure that your Noisebridge wiki user page has the category
“Members” and not the category “Hiatus”.

If you are not sure whether you are a consensus member, you are
probably not. You can read more about our membership process at
<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Membership>. If you think that you are a
consensus member, check your email. Early on Monday morning, I sent
each member an email. If you think you are a member but did not
receive that email, get in touch with me privately, and soon!

*I'll give Kevin a list of eligible voters at the start of the
election. Make sure that you're in good standing by then, or you won't
be able to vote!*

# Nominations

Nominations are for the 2014 board are open. To nominate someone or
accept a nomination, edit
<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Board/2014_Nominations>. Nominations
will close at the start of the weekly meeting on 2014-02-04. We'll
agree the final slate by consensus, and the polls will open.

# Board meeting

After the ballots have been counted, the new board will be sworn in.
They'll then hold a board meeting, at which they select officers, and
perform other required duties. This is scheduled for 1945h Pacific on

If you have questions, either reply to this thread on the discussion
list, or contact me privately.
Tom Lowenthal
Noisebridge Secretary

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