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Hi Romy,

We do have a list, though it isn't all that active at the moment.


Here are some older thoughts on the subject,


A good post on modifying forearm crutch cuffs:


My favorite quick modification for crutches of any kind is to add
pockets. You can make excellent cupholder, phone/book pockets, etc.
out of duct tape or try to go for something more elegant and permanent
out of other materials.

A friend of mine made some great crutch holders for her bike from PVC
pipe. If you end up with a knee scooter, you may want to make it some
crutch holders.



On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 5:47 AM, Romy Snowyla <romy at snowyla.com> wrote:
> I just double fractured my ankle and will be implanted with metal plates like the terminator soon!
> I'll be testing knee scooters & hands free crutches as i go non weight bearing ..
> For lack if better semantics has anyone else hacked their legs?  Made their own crutches or wheelchairs at noisebridge ?
> I'm tentatively labeling this hacking disability :: sorry if I offend anyone. I'm able bodied so I feel like a tourist although my myopia is so bad I'm legally blind without my coke bottle glasses so maybe I am disabled visually at least :)
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