[Noisebridge-discuss] Hacking disability

bandit bandit at cruzio.com
Mon Jan 20 20:07:51 UTC 2014

> I just double fractured my ankle and will be implanted with metal plates
> like the terminator soon!

ouch. good job! Do it *right*!

> I'll be testing knee scooters & hands free crutches as i go non weight
> bearing ..

Need to change your name to peg-leg...

> For lack if better semantics has anyone else hacked their legs?  Made
> their own crutches or wheelchairs at noisebridge ?
> I'm tentatively labeling this hacking disability :: sorry if I offend
> anyone. I'm able bodied so I feel like a tourist although my myopia is so
> bad I'm legally blind without my coke bottle glasses so maybe I am
> disabled visually at least :)

Na.. welcome to the cripple club. Always like to see temporary members -
keeps folks humble.

I am interested in any experience with the "hand-free" crutch for a knee
injury- seems would put a lot of pressure in the knee joint, unless the
stress was on the thigh. That was the most pain-in-the-ass part of
breaking my left knee, and no left hand. I lashed the crutch to my arm,
but it was not an optimal solution.

I's so blind I can't see my left hand, and I need new glasses - I see two
right hands. (hehe...)

... bandit

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