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Ronald Cotoni setient at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 23:43:05 UTC 2014

The more "official" email if we want to print it out I guess.

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Thank you for your email, this response will confirm that the inspector has
confirmed your abatement and closed out.

Thank you

Graffiti Unit

*From:* Ronald Cotoni [mailto:setient at gmail.com]
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*Subject:* Graiffii on 2169 mission

I just spoke with someone on the phone about the abatement of graffiti
infront of 2169 mission and apparently an inspector already came by and
verified it as abated.  I was wondering if we could get some type of form
saying that it is indeed abated and pass this off to our landlord.

Ronald Cotoni

Systems Engineer

Ronald Cotoni
Systems Engineer
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