[Noisebridge-discuss] Possible Circuit Project for Mac IIci, Power Mac G5 if anyone's interested

Chris Barylick chrisbarylick at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 20:45:58 UTC 2014

Guys, one of my tech clients called on Tuesday with the following issues that are over my head:

- He needs help repairing the internal clock battery connections on an old Mac IIci. He wasn't specific, but he said the battery part of the computer's functionality took a nose dive.

- He needs help repairing the logic board on a Power Mac G5 and thinks some of the soldered connections have gone south.

This stuff is beyond me, but if you know anyone with a good oscilloscope, some time and some patience, it could be a profitable side project. Please let me know if you're interested or know anyone who might be and thanks in advance.

Chris Barylick
chrisbarylick at gmail.com
202-341-9236 (C)
AIM/iChat: PoingFerret

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