[Noisebridge-discuss] History of my member page on the wiki

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Thu Jan 30 12:47:55 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 07:53:01PM -0800, Ronald Cotoni wrote:
> I have no idea who changed it but my membership was never blocked.  [...]

Huh? How can you say your membership was never blocked? We had a conversation
about why I wasn't comfortable with you being a member, which resulted in you
withdrawing your membership application. I'm quite certain that you interpreted
this conversation (as I did) as me blocking your membership, because at least 3
other people asked me later why I'd blocked your membership.

My primary reason for blocking your membership, as you'll recall, was that I
believe your participation in Noisebridge meetings and discussions is largely
disingenuous and "for the lulz" (read: you're a troll). Your claim above that
your membership was "never blocked" after you'd specifically complained to
other people that it was is a good example of this assessment being correct.

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