[Noisebridge-discuss] Networking work this Saturday, Aug 2, 11am

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Tue Jul 29 18:08:21 UTC 2014

Howdy, intrepid Noisebridgers,

It's time to start putting the space's network back together. We have a
nicely powered server closet, a few internet connections, and an old
badass rack from a radio station. However, we do need a few boring
things, and if you have any of these lying unused in a closet[0], their
donation would be much appreciated:

* 500 or so feet of Cat5.
* 6 or more wall-mount RJ-45 jacks
* some male connectors
* Velcro cable ties
* short (1 foot) network cables

If you would like to come help rewire and bring the tubes back
online[1], we'll start Saturday at 11. No experience is required,
just eagerness. However, if you have experience setting up racks
Properly, running cat5, or screwing things in to wood, then I want you
in particular. The tasks are:

* hang cable bridles through the space
* run cat5 everywhere
* terminate both ends, installing jacks
* set up the rack
* mount the APs
* configure vlans and routing

This is the plan for Saturday. If we make amazing progress, we'll do
some access control wiring.

 If you can scare up anything on my list, please get in touch with me! I
will arrange a pick-up.


0: I know you do. Your IT department ordered it all, then forgot about
it / downsized / outsourced. Bring it to me. I'll even try and get you a
receipt for donation.

1: I, frankly, have been enjoying Noisebridge sans WiFi. It reminds me
of coffee shops that turn it off on weekends. I wonder what it would be
like to have a wifi-free "talk to humans, dammit" hour?

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