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Jean-Jacques Zenger jeanjacqueszee at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 06:18:41 UTC 2014

Some people have been asking about future plans for the kitchen. The overall goal is to make it smaller and look like a break room. We are doing this to discourage the preparation of large meals and all the issues that come with it. We also need to do this because what we have is a kitchen that needs a permit

I have been advised that what we have is an illegal institutional kitchen. The double ovens and the large sink are big flags. The problem with it is that we are subject to health department regulations,  inspections, and need a permit. That's all do-able, but many members don't like the outside interference that comes with it. People tell me that they don't want a big kitchen because they don't need it.

I plan to go to Building Resouce, the City recycling center for all kinds of building features, on Wednesday. Their inventory is all donated home and business items that are not wanted after a remodel. Their prices are low to encourage re-use of the items, and keep the building materials and fixtures out of the dump. What I will be looking for is a "single bowl" kitchen sink, with a cabinet below. It will be either a standard one, or I would like to find something unique and fun, reflecting Noisebridge.

I give my appreciation to whoever disconnected the sink. I planned to do it when floor refinishing arrived, but that happened on a day when I was away. My research shows that when the sink was new, it sold for $600, including the faucets and spray hose. A practical selling price used is a third, $200. Matt has suggested that we try to do a trade with it for a sink and other things we might want. I'll see if the store has anything we need beyond a smaller sink. $200 buys a lot of used things there, but do we really want to bring more things in to Noisebridge? I'm not in favor of just giving it away. $200 is a significant amount of money. Plus, if I can sell it, someone else moves it out, not us.

The double oven is a quality, expensive one. A little research of ovens shows it is selling for $2,400 today.  This is something we just don't throw away. After discussion with various members, we decided to keep it, store it in a members garage, and use it again for Thanksgiving.

Beyond this equipment, I currently have no other plans for the kitchen. I want to let do-ocracy and members decide what else they want for our break room.

Kitchen Team Leader
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