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Tue Mar 11 02:09:07 UTC 2014

Here is an entire page on the Noisebridge wiki full of photos that people
did not give their consent to. It's the 86 page of people banned for
unexcellent behavior: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/86

Not being able to share information about who sleeps at Noisebridge and how
often is exactly what allows people to abuse the space.

Again, thanks Curtis. Keep it up. People who want sleeping overnight at the
space will never come right out and say it, so expect to get email potshots
like this from time to time. But you are helping the space by documenting
unexcellent behavior.


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> it's been covered many times before.
> taking pictures of beings @ NB without their consent is most UNEXCELLENT.
> functions, media, others that happen are told beforehand to please ask
> before shooting/filming.
> and you will see those that are excellent put up on list that this is
> going to be going on.
> I see by the .img the face isnt discernable but at the end of the day
> it doesnt matter please just dont do it.
> it used to be posted around house and on wiki honestly I havent looked
> for it lately as it had stopped.
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> On 3/10/14, Curtis Gagliardi <gagliardi.curtis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > There's some guy sleeping in that small room by the church classroom, I
> > tried to wake him up and ask him to not sleep there, but after some sleep
> > talking he managed to say he wasn't sleeping then just ignored
> everything I
> > said after that, so I don't really know what to do to beyond documenting
> > it.  I don't know his name but here's a picture:
> > http://bayimg.com/mAlAOAafg
> >
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