[Noisebridge-discuss] noisebridge monthly cleanup this sunday - could we make it a cleaning dance party?

Sergiusz 'q3k' Bazański q3k at q3k.org
Tue Mar 11 12:41:15 UTC 2014

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:12:28PM +0000, Johny Radio wrote:
> But i think no system will work at NB without training and some 
> expectation that people adhere to it. I sense that some peeps are 
> against any kind of training or requirements. Have you guys had that 
> issue in your hackerspace?
We experimented with a formal training requirement for accessing our 3D
Printer(s) and our metal/wood workshop - what we encountered so far is
that people expected these trainings to be available at all times, so we
ended up in making these training well too easy and botched up (just so
that we could get over with them fast and get back to whatever we were
hacking). This was suboptimal and resulted in people fucking around with
the printers and making a mess in the shop. 

What we're trying to do now is have mandatory access control via RFID when
accessing the workshop. We already have that for the front door, but want 
an even tighter access control to the shop (eg. only allow people access
if they are in a special “has-been-trained-and-is-not-a-total-idiot” LDAP
group). We kind of had that already for our main 3D Printer (octoprint
web control + logging in via our space-wide login system, again with a
LDAP group requirement), but we also want to extend that with accounting
(who used the printer when to print how much). The general consensus so far
was that we're okay with this sort of formal and tight training
requirement, but there will be probably some whining on our mailing
lists anyway...

We haven't yet had that much issues with access to the electornics lab -
our main problems range to the odd missing/destroyed oscilloscope probe,
people using up too much components without buying anything in return
and the occasional mispaced resistor or capacitor. However, a lot of our
members have their own stash of higher-end components (ARM SoCs, FPGAs,
DSPs, DRAM chips), and we want to be able to make them publically
accessible with information on their “licenses” (ranging from “take it”
to “please send BTC to 1xxxxxx, this isn't a cheap part”). We also want
to have some sort of publically known index of parts present in the
space. Indexing it all up into one system would be perfect.

> What's your hackerspace, btw?

(or, with less moonspeak and more photos: https://gallery.hackerspace.pl/)


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