[Noisebridge-discuss] Makathon, a non-profit open source hardware hackathon | March 28-30 | TechShop San Carlos

Carole Wai Hai carole.waihai at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 22:51:16 UTC 2014

Hi Noisebridge community,

My friend Cedric recommended me to reach out to you as I am promoting
Makathon <http://www.makathon.org>, a non-profit hackathon for
hardware designers,
builders and developers. The idea is to *promote open source* in the
burgeoning hardware community and provide a plateform for experienced and
new makers to meet and work on projects together.

We'll have 3 Themes for this first Makathon: *Social Impact, **Improved
Wearable and Music* and we'll also have mentors, judges, food, 1 component
box per team (also Bring Your Own!).

A box of sensors will be given as prize for the *coolest project posted on
hackster.io <http://hackster.io> or any other open source hardware
platform*(voted by participants).
All details of the event are on www.makathon.org

This event is entirely *self funded*, so we do collect entrance fee but
have 2 discount codes :
- NB-MAKATHON1USD for $1 tickets, code must be used before 3/16.
- MU-MAKATHON50OFF for 50% off ticket prices, must be used before 3/22.

Any question, please let me know, I'd love to know you better~

*Carole Wai Hai*
*Makathon <http://www.makathon.org>* | Tech Community Building & Non-Profit
Events for Makers | 650-2820-562

*About me:*
I work in tech but don't write much code. I look Chinese but I am French. I
am a girl but I have balls. Linkedin<http://www.linkedin.com/in/carolewaihai/>|
twitter <https://twitter.com/carolewaihai> | *Motto
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