[Noisebridge-discuss] Alternative proposal for the Noisebridge council list

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Fri Mar 14 18:35:54 UTC 2014


Howdy folks,

I have an idea for a compromise between transparency and anonymity.
I've made my case in issue #19 on our `bureaucracy` repo. Go tell me
which parts of the idea need more work.

I want to re-iterate my reasoning for all this.

I think it's unreasonable that only the secretary knows who is on the
council. I think that – at least – everyone on the council, and –
ideally – everyone involved with Noisebridge should be able to see
who's on the council. I'm sure I'd find it super frustrating not to
reliably know. I think it makes consensus clunkier and more awkward,
if that's possible.

As secretary, I hate having to judge the worthiness of a request. When
I started out, my interpretation of our cultural norm was that I
should be ultra-conservative. If someone asked me for the list, I
should interrogate them as to why, and try to persuade them that they
don't want it. I hate that, it makes me feel like a jerk (more than
usual). It also feels like I have too much clout to approve or deny
requests. I think that the secretary should be a record-keeper and
administrative assistant, not a gatekeeper.

Now, go give my plan B feedback,

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