[Noisebridge-discuss] why would hackers come to noisebridge?

LinkReincarnate linkreincarnate at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 01:10:13 UTC 2014

"NB is not a social work center or a church .. Turning hackers into
social workers is not the answer. "

Romy is right on.  This is not the place to cure societies ills it is
a place to put those troubles behind you and hack on something.
Noisebridge is best when it is a bubble of willful ignorance to
anything but technology and it's application.

Unfortunately a large group has made it their sole purpose at
Noisebridge to be thought police telling people how they should and
should not think and taking action against people who disagree with
their prescription.

Case in point the Human Centepede comment. It was a passing reference made
to be funny and informative, that resulted in a ban from irc. Guess what?
Rape and mutilation and a myriad of horrendus shit exists in the world.
Burying your head in the sand and blocking it out doesn't make it go away.
There is also rape and torture in Schindler's List would you ban a person
for mentioning that movie as well? How about a clockwork orange? The
supreme court cant even decide on a hard and fast rule for what is and
isn't art but apparently Noisebridge has it all figured out already. Ever
heard of gallows humor? There is no such thing as a topic that is off
limits to comedy.

The reason hackers don't want to come here anymore is because it's
turned into a place for social justice white knights to harass anyone
who doesn't think like them. This is a failure of empathy I will
explain later.

Where run of the mill group think dominates the discussion and dissent
has you labeled with some or another undesireable new title. (Tyrant ,
racist, mysoganist, classist, idiot)  For instance Cynthia mentioned
that she thinks that 911 was a false flag operation and got straight
up yelled at. For not going along with the accepted explanation.

 Hackers simply don't think that way.  We like to be able to express
ourselves freely.  If you have a problem with the things I say debate
me, call me an asshole, but dont try to stop me from talking. As soon
as you do that you have crossed the line to being unempathetic.  By
unempathetic I mean you do not repect people's right to not be like
you and to have differing values.

Noisebridge should be a place where ideas can be expressed freely
irreguardless(hehe) of how popular, correct, or accepted those ideas
are.  Until we get back to being a place where ideas and free
unrestricted communication (as in not ganging up on people for their
word choice) are encouraged we will never again attract hackers.

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