[Noisebridge-discuss] why would hackers come to noisebridge?

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So, whether or not their feelings match the shared hallucination we
call reality isn't the point.

But that is exactly the point isn't it.  Why should we be bending over
backwards to accommodate people who aren't grounded in reality instead of
checking and realigning that perception to reality.  Just because a new
space was created does not mean that the reasoning for doing so is valid.
It also doesn't follow that everyone joining that space is doing so for the
same reasons as the founders founded it.  Plus there is another kink to
this situation and that is the new hackerspace is women only.   Curves gym
does well too, does that mean all other gyms are cesspools of scum
and villainy?  (Better not quote Star Wars, it has incest in it...) Don't
even get me started on the irony of starting a gender based hackerspace as
a solution to sexism.

Let me give you an example from a previous hackerspace.  I was showed up
with a couple of my friends.  I asked them to go inside while I lockup the
car.  As I enter a woman comes out from the back of the hackerspace, sees
my friends and panics because she is racist and thinks they are robbing the
place. Should I give in to her feelings and leave because she is
uncomfortable around black men?  Or do I tell her to grow the fuck up and
quit being racist?   Or that whole guy with the racist tattoos thing.  Now
that he's been banned I guess it's ok to say that he only got
the tattoos to prevent himself from being raped by
white supremacist gangs and had 2 tattoo removals that never quite got rid
of them. It is common for these gangs to place these tattoos on people
under duress in very visible locations as a billboard for their movement.  He
hates those people for branding him and hates having to explain his tatts
but he makes people FEEL unsafe so excluding him is moral right?

Lets not forget that feelings exist on both sides. How do you think my
friends felt when they were responded to as a threat. What about the prison
tat guy?  Think his feelings were taken into account?   The problem is that
one viewpoint has become a sacred cow and any dissent is punished with
public shaming , ganging up on, and banning. Its like high school all over
again  if you do not prove you are part of the tribe by agreeing with their
viewpoints the othering begins  Is there any question why nerds and geeks
want to stay away from that

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> Also please elaborate on who is using a group of people in the space as
> the objects of a hack?   What you seem to be implying is that people who
> think differently from you are dangerous and physically violent and the
> only way to prevent them from hurting people is to police their speech.
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>> what questions am i avoiding?
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