[Noisebridge-discuss] modern sexism

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Tue Mar 18 04:20:03 UTC 2014

Hannah is your cognitive dissonance so strong that you don't think Liz is
an actual person with an actual viewpoint? Or are you just so used to your
little echo chamber that you cannot imagine a woman in the world who
disagrees with you?  This is the second time that she has been accused of
being a troll for legitimately expressing her opinion.  I guess from now on
that's how we should respond to all of your posts too.  Elizabeth is a real
person who was expressing an actual and legitimate opinion.
Feminists are always complaining about the tone arguement and here you are
using it (with a dash of ad homonym) to avoid her substance.  How about you
comment on what she said.  I am very interested to hear why men not being
able to call themselves feminist is any less sexist than the church not
allowing women preachers.

Al she wasn't being sarcastic in her reply to you.  I had to explain to her
you were being sarcastic after she posted.  She was not aware of the meme
you were quoting.

This is what I'm talking about you are all so wrapped up in your own sacred
cows that you are unable to even conceive of people who would disagree let
alone give their thoughts any contemplation.

Noisebridge isn't for hackers anymore it's for hacks who fall in line when
they are told.
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