[Noisebridge-discuss] Don't make me turn this hackerspace around

Elizabeth Hubbard emhubbard28 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 22:38:19 UTC 2014

This is a retaliatory action to Justin proposing Tom have his admin
privileges removed.  Tom needs to have his admin privileges and council
membership revoked.  The explanation provided to the group at the consensus
meeting was that a flame war had broken out and that people were no longer
making substantive posts or even sticking to the topic.  The fact that Tom
unilaterally declared that topic off-limits in any form and failed to
equally moderate Linkreincarnate and Naomi and others, on the basis of who
posted, but instead moderated on the basis of what side of the argument
they were on, proves that Tom is abusing his position and acting in bad
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