[Noisebridge-discuss] Consciousness Hacking @ Noisebridge - 4/12 and ongoing

C. Honnet cedric at honnet.eu
Mon Mar 24 23:57:46 UTC 2014

Hey Mikey,
That's a really cool idea !
If you can, go to the Tuesday meeting (7PM) and mention it at the beginning
when they ask for announcements.

They will edit the Upcoming Events list on the noisebridge website and
maybe the gCalendar too if you're lucky ;p
Let me know if I can help,
Cedric ;)

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> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Consciousness Hacking @ Noisebridge - 4/12
> and ongoing
> Hi Folks -
> New to the list.  But lover of Noisebridge (visited more when I lived in
> SF a few years ago).
> Excited to propose a noisebridge event called *Consciousness Hacking*.
>  I've already hosted a couple successful meetings elsewhere in SF but I've
> been looking for a space with more capacity, easier scheduling and mass
> transit access.  Mitch spoke at our last meeting (thanks Mitch!!), and it
> struck me that Noisebridge would be a spectacular thematic fit for the vibe
> of our group.
> Group info is here:
> http://www.meetup.com/Consciousness-Hacking-Meetup-San-Francisco/
> and
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkZbIRRqFYo
> We had 40 folks show up at the last meeting and I'd love to see the group
> grow to 100 over the next 6 months.
> I'd like to set a monthly recurring meeting (though happy to schedule one
> at a time to start).
> First proposed meeting is 4/12 at 1pm.
> If this all sounds kosher please point me in the right direction for
> getting this cemented.  Gcal access? Wiki access?
> Awesome!!
> Let me know if there are any questions/concerns
> --Mikey
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