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Disregard.  The board has, in fact, not "agreed" on these changes,
because they were never discussed.

--Naomi, of the board.

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> Hello Noisebridge,
> As many of you may know, as of March 4th, 2014 a new board of directors
> was elected to Noisebridge. On March 12th, we had our first meeting, and
> the minutes are available on the wiki:
> _https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Board/Meeting_minutes_2014-03-12_
> As of this afternoon, the board has agreed upon several changes to the
> membership
> (https://github.com/noisebridge/bureaucracy/blob/master/membership.md)
> and consensus
> (https://github.com/noisebridge/bureaucracy/blob/master/consensus.md)
> process.
> These changes are now available under
> _https://github.com/noisebridge/bureaucracy/_ and are effective
> immediately.
> The first Membership Meeting is next Tuesday, April 1st at 7pm (next
> week). As it currently stands, all Council Members in good standing are
> now automatically considered consensus-eligible members for proposals
> brought to next week's meeting.
> If you were formally a member (formally formally known as Associate
> member), you are eligible to become a Member at April 1st's meeting.
> Your sponsors carry over, and your wiki page serves as your application.
> Membership dues will not begin until April, and more information
> regarding that process will be posted later.
> I encourage people to attend the general meeting this evening for
> discussion of upcoming events, exciting projects happening at
> Noisebridge, and discussion of proposals and working groups for the
> upcoming Membership Meeting. Several members of the board will be there
> to answer questions.
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