[Noisebridge-discuss] Fire

Lane Copley lcopley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 18:53:00 UTC 2014

As a sensitive soul, I have to leave this discussion list for safer
I wish you all luck in rescuing the good idea that was NB from all it
currently is.

Seriously, and I mean no troll at all (I know things do not sound nice in
email) I would not want to live in a neighborhood where I could not keep my
family from homeless drug addicts.  There are people and programs for that
developed for that purpose.  NB was never intended to be a crash pad for
junkies.  The mere idea that the unexcellent existence of this type of
non-hacker activity in a hacker-activity space is anathema to me.  The fact
that it has been allowed and encouraged is pretty crazy.  The fact that
using consensus in the face of reason to actively block attempts to make a
safe space is reprehensible.

I hope intelligence and good will among NB members will triumph.  I don't
have enough invested here to try.


Nobody listened to Cassandra, either.
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