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> Please hate on this and list-post it.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't. There were two emails in my inbox from
this annoying gnat of a person. My solution here is to implement a filter
whereby any email this annoying gnat of a person writes gets instantly
deleted.  It is now impossible for any of his emails to reach me.

I mention this on-list as a way to demonstrate the use of email tools to
reduce harassment (ah, a technical solution to a social problem) and to
make sure that folks know who the people are within our community that
would find it funny to contravene someone's express wishes about how they
want to be treated.

Oh, to be a woman insistent on speaking in public is a fine, fine thing,
that is invariably rewarded with belittlement, harassment, and dismissal.
My experiences in political organizing have led me to meet many different
women who get involved in public organizing, and many more who have tried
but been overwhelmed by the negative responses they get. In order to build
a society that cultivates the voices of all its members, we must encourage
those who speak up - because we can be certain that in private, those who
speak up with unpopular opinions that run counter to the status quo are
being harassed, picked on, and encouraged to quiet the fuck down.

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