[Noisebridge-discuss] In Defense of Consensus

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Thu Mar 27 20:35:54 UTC 2014

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>By making decisions more "effective", I mean hacks to more accurately 
>represent the interests and sentiments of the individual participants

I think you're saying that your priority is to make sure everyone has a 
"voice". For me, effective means creating a project that fulfills it's 
Mission. If NB's Mission is to provide technical infrastructure, and it 
fails at that, then the process is not "effective"-- even if everyone 
has a "voice."

>Otherwise decisions can be hasty, rough around the edges, and 

Well, we already have "rough around the edges, and misfitting" at 
Noisebridge-- if we're talking about technical infrastructure. I sense 
you don't much care about that.

>I personally contend that efficiency and speed are not always the most 
>important aspect of a decision-making process

i contend that if an oscilloscope is broken, i'm very comfortable 
delegating the authority to get it fixed or replaced to someone else. I 
don't need a "voice" in that. What i need is an oscilloscope.
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