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>Why was the Noisebridge mission written? Why were the By-Laws made, and 
>the board of directors formed? I can tell you that the board exists 
>because it was a hack--a necessary hack in order to continue existing 
>in the current dominant system. To incorporate. To file paper work. To 
>become a federal 501(c)3.

Excellent observation. So then, that stuff about being a "technology 
infrastructure" is not true. Heh, and i actually believed it all along 

>Any participant who contributed to breaking an oscilloscope should be 
>held accountable

that's a criminalizing stance i don't agree with. Stuff breaks, it's 
normal. Usually broken by someone who does not know how to use it 
properly, so that's the last person you'd want fixing it.

>there should be an easy system to replace infrastructure speedly

glad we agree on that! I'm suprised, since you don't feel "efficiency" 
is of greatest importance.

>Purchase order wiki page? Reimbursements for low-cost items? Internal 
>insurance process for high-cost items?

Hurray! When do we start :)

>However, in my opinion, for those things that could not easily be 
>sorted on their own, if all else fails, an ultimately democratic 
>consensus process should be used.
>>sudo room is an open, collaborative community of creators and 
>>practitioners working toward positive social change. sudo room chooses 
>>Value open, public discourses over closed, proprietary processes. 
>>Value access and transparency over exclusivity. Value solving real 
>>problems over hypotheticals, while respecting visions of the future. 
>>Value community and collaboration over isolation and competition. 
>>Value human judgment over automation and efficiency. Value do-ocracy 
>>over bureaucracy. Value safe space over ideology.

would be helpful if NB had a "real" mission statement like that -- in 
addition to the fake legal one.

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