[Noisebridge-discuss] reminder - assume good faith

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Mar 27 22:10:29 UTC 2014

Something I have always found effective is to act as if I believe the 
other person is acting in good faith.  This works really really well 
because it lets them see that *I* am acting in good faith, and builds 
trust.  It is also usually true.  Mostly people ARE acting in good faith 
from their own point of view.  The most likely reason for someone to act 
in bad faith is that someone is accusing them of acting in bad faith 
(insults them, claims they're trolling, etc).

Possible good faith POVs for some of the main talkers here:

Al - has been trying for YEARS to fix the terrible problems at 
Noisebridge, more persistently than just about anyone else, and finally 
has some actual means of getting something done

Naomi - dedicated to her responsibilities as a board member and deeply 
worried about the new board having bypassed her on a decision

Jake A, Mitch - sad and hurt that the organization they founded is 
moving so far from the path they started it on

Spinach, Johny, Rachel H - have strong moral and ideological beliefs 
that they work towards in all areas of their lives, fearless of others' 

A really important point is that everyone involved is incredibly 
dedicated to Noisebridge, which is wonderful.

Note that there are other good faith POVs that all of these people might 
have - I have simply invented some that fit their behavior as I see it.

And another thing, for those who think the above is naive.  Even if I 
don't really believe in someone's good faith, I will pretend to - that 
way they get plausible deniability, and they can *start* acting in good 
faith now and we don't get bogged down in accusations.  SO much faster 
and easier.


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