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Fri Mar 28 00:19:21 UTC 2014

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>Rachel asked *everyone* to please message her onlist in at least one 
>recent thread that I read

Unfortunately, i don't have time to read every post to the list. So no, 
i did not see that. Nor do i feel it's my responsibility to read every 
post by rachelyra, to make sure i don't miss any general instructions.

And since Rachel and i have chilled in-person at NB with friendly vibes, 
i had no reason to assume that.

To Spinach claim, Rachel never asked me, Johny Radio, not to message her 
off-list, as Spinach stated.

If Rachel, or anybody, does not want to be messaged off-list, i suggest 
you put that in your signature in every post you send.

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