[Noisebridge-discuss] Rachel's language

Simon C. Ion ion.simon.c at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 08:01:54 UTC 2014

On 03/27/2014 09:20 PM, Ronald Cotoni wrote:
> You know what, perhaps that should be a list wide thing.

I kind of thought that "Don't message off-list unless explicitly asked
to." was the default rule for wide-distribution mailing lists without an
explicit policy. Maybe I'm old fashioned.

On 03/27/2014 09:31 PM, Leif Ryge wrote:
> I think you're pretty good at trolling Noisebridge and I wish you'd stop.

You know, Ron has grown a sense of civic responsibility between the
previous-to-last and the last time that I saw him. (Which -as I gather-
are both far more recently than the last time you've seen him. [Though,
perhaps your off-list, non-Noisebridge lives intersect, causing my
information to be woefully inaccurate. If that is the case, I apologize
in advance.])

I can't deny that he *used* to be a hard-core troll, -and that that sort
of thing can be hard to keep under wraps at all time- but I have
recently seen him be very level-headed and civic minded. Moreover, other
folks on the list are orders of magnitude more drama/flame-genic than
Ron, and I *suspect* that almost all of them are not even trolling.

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