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>I think sometimes passive aggressiveness can come off as being 
>insulting.  I remember in the whole lockers thread, you had to go 
>through and disagree with every single point I made in one of the 
>emails, and that came off as a bit insulting.  I think it's fine to 
>disagree with someone, but when one goes out of their way to disagree 
>with every single point, it comes off as a bit hostile.  It's important 
>to note that email lacks visual cues for empathy so although you may 
>feel cool and collected, you may be angering someone else across the 

I disagreed with all of your points, because i disagreed with all of 
your points. Deal with it. You failed to rebut my critique of your 
position. Not my fault.

I'm do not disagree for the sake of being disagreeable. I believe in 
what i say, and think through my positions very carefully.

I think i shall never conform to the West Coast behavior of agreeing 
just be be agreeable.

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