[Noisebridge-discuss] Letter to NB

Paul Monad immonad at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 29 02:33:37 UTC 2014

Do not panic.  The sky is not falling.  Do not abandon ship, participate to keep it afloat.  Stay tuned NB is not sinking (anymore) just doing some long due housekeeping.  Changes are necessary for growth.

The actions of our board does have backing of many because we feel the decision making process at NB is dysfunctional and we must try to fix it.  Give them time and support to do so.  Expect them to be fallible and correct themselves when necessary. Judge their  actions by the long term results.   Many are watching their every action.  They will be under the microscope.

I applaud the people who present us with a higher level of civility in their language and comportment in the face of vicious name calling, vulgarity, personal attacks etc. (poorly veiled in humor or sarcasm).  That builds communication and community while demonstrating excellence.   
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