[Noisebridge-discuss] electronic components to donate

John Kinsella jlkinsel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 02:55:45 UTC 2014

Hey folks - I’ve got a collection of electronic components that I’m looking to donate to a good cause as I’m working through my parents estate. 

My dad was a electronic technician at Varian Associates [1] in Palo alto until the 80s, so interesting mix of stuff here:

* Standard mix of capacitors, resistors, transistors. Anything I’ve packaged up is in good/clean shape. Caps vary from “standard” board mount stuff up to a .84MFD high-current cap and a a nice big 1 ohm, 250W resistor. Most of the transistors are new/unused, some still packaged.
* Some motors - stepper or DC.
* Good number of relays - multiple styles/types, some still in packaging. One large guy good for high current.
* Panel meters - digital and analog. Actually found a manual for the digital ones. Some analogs mounted on sheet steel panel, some unmounted.
* A mix of what I’m guessing is microwave or HV components (Varian labeled items, did a brief google for part numbers and didn’t get hits), including a tunable magnetron. Save to say I haven’t tested these.
* Collection of switches - some leaf, some toggle, some slide.
* Some ICs - there’s a few old Rat Shack voice recognition chips, I believe some gate logic chips, older 6500 stuff and then op amps, LED numerical displays, etc.
* A few component boards with Nixie tubes on them. Also a collection of tubes, nixie and otherwise, along with sockets for them and what I’d think of as a breakout kit for tubes.
* 2 oscilloscopes: 1 Heathkit I’m guessing is from the 70s, and a tektronix that’s newer, comes with cart and probes. I’m not sure of the working condition of either.
* A Heathkit vacuum-tube volt meter. I have the manual for this, my dad built it in the 90s but currently it’s not working. I haven’t troubleshot it.
* Bonus round: non-working HeathKit TV built in the 70s i think. I’m sure there’s great parts to be salvaged, but no clue if it’s worth the effort.

Sample shot of some stuff is at [2]. That chest is now fairly full, would rather pass it on as a whole, but I understand if folks just want some stuff out of it. I have a few more photos I can share and will try to answer questions, but I’m usually a few hours away from where the stuff’s stored.

I know this is a strange mix of stuff, but I suspect the right folks will find value in it. Let me know any thoughts/suggestions/interest.

1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varian_Associates
2: https://alpha.spacemonkey.com/shares/qHNcLiGJLDGgFJ-mEV2YhA/2014-03-30%2013.29.00.jpg.html

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