[Noisebridge-discuss] BIOS problems possibly, help?

Manveru Andave manveruandave at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 19:20:27 UTC 2014

So I had this supposed "virus" problem on Windows7, then did a clean
install with OEM recovery disks, decided while I was there I should install
Ubuntu since another computer I have is not affected when transferring
files via USB (running Ubuntu). so as to avoid the virus all together I
wanted to use Ubuntu. Now on Ubuntu the problem is still happening though
slightly different. My thought is the only way for it to cross OS's and
even a separate hard drive, but not be transferred via USB drive is to be
my BIOS. Am I correct in assuming this?

The "problem" acts like this in Windows 7: If I am outside a browser
working on some other application, It keeps opening multiple windows
automatically even if I don't move a mouse. If i am in the browser, It
redirects to my home page even if I don't move a mouse. In this case it
doesn't open a new window, the page just keeps refreshing to the home page
an undefined number of times. This is all with my default browser. If it is
uninstalled it will use the current default. Web page refreshing to the
homepage happens even when not on the default browser, but after a while
will do what it does when you are on any other application as said above.
It will use the default browser whatever it is, chrome, firefox, or IE.

When in Ubuntu it only refreshes to the homepage randomly an undefined
number of times. The lack of opening when using other programs I think is
because of the architecture of Ubuntu, but it's the same thing it seems.
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