[Noisebridge-discuss] class / community giving idea: Build Your Own Computer

aaronco36 aaronco36 at fastmail.fm
Sun May 11 23:25:58 UTC 2014

> Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
> Sun May 11 04:06:29 UTC 2014
>Ah yes, good point about the hard drives and RAM.
> The HD problem is nothing to worry about (live Linux distros on USB
> sticks and SD cards).   The RAM problem is a real one.
> I'd be willing to donate some $ to acquire RAM and USB sticks to have
> on hand for these events.
> --Naomi

Hey all,
I tested a bunch of power supply units (psu's) and optical drives at
Noisebridge back in the Fall of '13 when Al Sweigart had the good idea
of providing labels for testing these and all sorts of other usable
Are these labels still available for the Build Your Own Computer class /
community giving idea??
It seems to me that bottlenecks besides "the RAM problem" that can make
or break such events are having working m-brds w/ CPUs+coolers, having
tested and working psu's, and having various working add-on cards or
built-in connections (working graphics and wired/wifi NICs come
forefront to my mind). 
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