[Noisebridge-discuss] access for members and associate members at all hours

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon May 12 21:40:04 UTC 2014

On Mon, 12 May 2014, Naomi Most wrote:

> What?  Who's talking about "member's only hours"?

On Sun May 11 Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote:

> I think if we're able to demonstrate a working RFID solution for the 
> main door and elevator door, it will be that much easier to propose what 
> will need to be a change in rules: the re-introduction of members-only 
> hours (but for associates, too). That will be the final hurdle 
> preventing this system from actually going live.
> Once members-only hours are reinstated, there's nothing that's stopping 
> associate and full members from exercising their power to remove 
> non-members from the space, just like they should have been doing the 
> last time this was attempted, and should he doing now with the 
> "unvouched". But an actual computer-controlled change in how the space 
> operates would help to reinforce that these rules are officially in 
> effect.

On Mon, 12 May 2014, Naomi Most wrote:

> We're only talking about putting a lock at the front door that only
> opens for people who have the right key, and those people will happen
> to be Members and Associate Members.  This puts a forcing-function on
> the "sponsorship" concept on activities happening between certain
> hours of the night.  (I would put it at midnight, personally.)

I think the number of people with a physical key to the front door, who 
are not welcomed hackers, is very low.  Furthermore, the few (if any) 
people who may have keys but are not welcome will cease to use their key 
once they see that none of their friends are at NB anymore, and that they 
can't do the kinds of bad things they want to do in the space anymore.

Please see my last post for a checklist of improvements that can be made 
to the door and access control that DON'T involve changing the key.

keep in mind that if you force-function "sponsorship" before people have 
access to the space, we will accidentally cut off access to new people who 
don't know anyone until after they're already in the space being 
excellent.  I think that is a serious no-go zone.  But i agree that we 
should control access so that people can only be buzzed in by 
members/associate members, which corresponds with implicit sponsorship 
(until the person who buzzed them in may choose to end sponsorship)

> Jake, I'm a little saddened by your post, because I think people who 
> skim the mailing list will read it and have their suspicions about NB's 
> exclusiveness confirmed, when AGAIN it's just a misunderstanding.

please don't get dramatic on me Naomi.  and if you're so worried about 
what people think that by reading the list they will get turned off of 
visiting, i'm wondering what you think the space itself looks like.  Last 
time i visited it looked horrible, literally the worst i've ever seen it.

> We're not having Member's Only Hours.  End of story.

tell jeffrey.

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