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Darius Garza 313kid at gmail.com
Tue May 13 19:37:02 UTC 2014

The jabber is no longer entertaining and it seems like my posts are being
moderated for some reason so I've finally decided to unsubscribe from this
list. The signal to noise ratio on here is dismal and it's not worth wading
through all the petty personal drama to find the occasional gem.

I wanted to be more involved with noisebridge and help the space thrive but
it was almost impossible to find support or make genuine connections with
people at the space. Perhaps I could have tried harder, but the snarky
attitudes and constant bickering put a damper on my motivation.

Hackerspaces are so 2010 anyway. I don't need a static point of reference
to work with a group of bright, creative individuals or learn new things.
There are many places for people to gather that provide more appropriate
resources for folks depending on the nature of their work.

Not sure if this is a rage quit or long time coming. I'll always miss the
romantic ideals of noisebridge and I'm disappointed that people didn't want
to work to find creative solutions to try and preserve them. I truly
believe that the space began to seriously unravel when the community
erected associate membership rules, access policies and bureaucratic
harassment doctrines as a substitute for true excellence.

I wish noisebridge all the best and hope someday to be eating these words,
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